Interested in participating in the Dutch Lions Cup tournament?

For the third time we will organize tournaments for open and women's longsword, using 4 mats for one full day. This year, if we get enough crew to sign up, we plan on getting a fifth mat. We will use this to add 2 more open longsword pools and 2 sabre pools. That's right, an entirely new discipline to our tournament!

There are some conditions to this. First of all we cannot guarantee there will be a sabre tournament. Due to planning it is not possible to take place in both the women's longsword and the open sabre tournament. It is possible to do both the open longsword and sabre tournament. In this case the combined price will be €95. Participating in only the sabre tournament will still cost €65.

Since this is the first time we are adding another tournament we want to assure that this will run as smoothly for both our organization and all DLC participants. Our conditions for this tournament are that we have enough judges and crew, that you have a ranking in HEMA ratings in the sabre discipline, and finally we will only allow 4 fighters from one school.

The sabre tournament will not take place if we do not have enough judges. Therefore, we kindly ask fighters who sign up to the open or women's longsword if you would also be willing to judge during one of the other tournaments. Because we believe in high quality judging we will uphold the rule of having followed at least one of our judging trainings.

Participating in the Dutch Lions Cup only costs €65.00! For this you will receive:

  • Entry to the tournament;
  • A full day of fun;
  • A great venue with at least 4 arenas outfitted with wrestling mats;
  • You will enter one of at least 16 pools of 7 fighters;
  • 112 places in the tournament in total;
    • At least 91 places in the Open Longsword Competition *
    • 21 places for the Ladies Longsword Competition
  • Opportunity to win great prizes (to be announced);
  • * The third pool for the women's longsword competition will only happen once we get a full third pool of 7 fighters. If you sign up and we do not reach that number you will be given the option to either get a full refund or be placed in the open longsword competition.

Preliminary time schedule

  • Tournament opens at 08:20
  • First fights at 09:00
  • Dinner at 19:00
  • Finals from 20:15
  • Tournament closes at 21:30


  • There will be a sparring field, which gives you the opportunity to spar and/or train with all other participants!
  • There will be massage therapists on-site;
  • Of course there will be a first aid team, just in case.


  • For €12.50 you can join in our on-site dinner that will take place between the pools and the (semi-) Finals. Be well fed and rested before fighting the final fight, or watching it. (registration is required)

Sleeping arrangements:

  • For €11.00 you can stay one night at our sleeping hall in Nieuwegein (€16.00 for two nights), a short distance from the venue, and includes breakfast! (registration is required)
  • There are only 40 places! So if you want to be fully rested for the tournament, or the long drive home, don’t wait too long!
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"DLC is absolutely one of the top events you should do for your personal path about the art of fencing."

- Federico Dall'Olio (Winner of the Open Longsword 2016)

How to register

Please fill out the registration form to secure your spot in the tournament. The registration form will also allow you to register for optional dinner and sleeping arrangements. After filling out the form you will be taken to a secure connection for payment. Please note that your registration is only fully complete upon payment.

After you have fully registered, you will receive a confirmation email with further information regarding the tournament and location.

Before you register, we would appreciate it if you would check out the following documents:


open attendees


ladies attendees