Come and cheer for us!

You don’t have any time to help out as crew? Maybe you would like to support and cheer for your favourite fighter? Or do you just want to come and watch medieval fighting in all its glory?

Visitors are more than welcome to come and have a look (for free!), whether it’s to support a fighter, love for the sport or just out of curiosity. The sports centre will feature bleachers for spectators as well as an on-site restaurant where you can go and buy some snacks or have a refreshing drink.


Our hall has a cafeteria but they will not serve dinner, nor is there a place to eat in the direct vicinity. Since we’re in for a long day (around 08:00 – 22:00) we advise you to either order dinner during signup which we will provide for €15, or to bring your own. We will not provide lunch, and while the cafeteria offers some snack we strongly advise you to bring your own.

It is not possible to join the dinner if you have not signed up beforehand. Please note that registration for the dinner is only complete after payment. Registration is personal, everyone entering or registering for the tournament or dinner needs to do this individually.


If your purpose is to coach others, we would advise you to read the rules, code of conduct and gear requirements, so as to best support your fighter. We are currently going over our previous ruleset to see if everything is still up to date. Once we have finalized all the rules, we will publish them here.

Staying over

If you're coming from a long way you might want to stay over for one or more nights. We do not provide these facilities ourselves, but to help you along we have made a comprehensive list with suggestions. The Dutch Lions Cup does not offer any discounts or arrange your stay. You must arrange your stay with the accommodation yourself. Do not wait too long! The event takes place during the summer vacation, so it will be busy.


This venue is located in Utrecht, right in the center of The Netherlands. It is within easy reach of Utrecht Central station if you want to travel by public transport and there is free parking next to the building for those of you who travel by car. Plan your trip by public transport through, a website that covers all public transport in The Netherlands (an app is also available).

How to register

Signing up as a visitor is not mandatory. However, if you would like to stay for dinner or buy a DLC'20 t-shirt of comfy sports fabric, you will need to register so we can have these things ready before you arrive. We will sell a few t-shirts during the event, but they will be a limited amount.