So you want to fight with us?

At the Dutch Lions Cup we offer two steel longsword tournaments, the open and the ladies. Both tournaments will see seasoned fighters giving all they have to win.

The event will take place on one day only, saturday the 22th of august 2020. Since we have a great number of fights within one day our schedule will start around 08:00 and end around 22:00. Unfortunately due to our full schedule this also means that for women it is not possible to participate in both the open and ladies longsword tournament.


We are currently going over our previous ruleset to see if everything is still up to date. Once we have finalized all the rules, we will publish them here.

Feders will be provided for the event, so there will be no need to bring your own. Except if you would like to warm up with your own feder.


Being succesful at the Dutch Lions Cup comes with a lot of training. That goes for everyone involved. For that reason we organize a few trainings for which we will need fighters to sign up as well. Check out the dates:



Training #1 Location TBA

We are currently planning the first traning moment. Most likely this will take place in july.



Training #2 Location TBA

We are currently planning the second traning moment. Most likely this will take place in august.


Another thing to keep in mind is dinner. There aren't a lot of places to eat in the direct vicinity. We advise you to either order dinner which we will provide for €15, or to bring your own. At this moment we are unsure whether the cafeteria in the hall will be open and whether they will serve lunch. We strongly advise you to bring your own.


At the Dutch Lions Cup we offer multiple prizes for the open longsword, ladies longsword, but also for the best newcomer and best technical fighter. We will keep the exact prizes a surprise until the moment to hand them out is there, but you can get an impression through our sponsor list ;)

Staying over

Unlike previous editions we do not offer this ourselves. But to help you along we have made a comprehensive list with suggestions. The Dutch Lions Cup does not offer any discounts or arrange your stay. You must arrange your stay with the accommodation yourself. Do not wait too long! The event takes place during the summer vacation, so it will be busy.

"DLC is absolutely one of the top events you should do for your personal path about the art of fencing."

- Federico Dall'Olio (Winner of the Open Longsword 2016)

How to register

Please fill out the registration form to secure your spot in the tournament. The registration form will also allow you to register for optional dinner and a DLC'20 t-shirt of very comfy sports suitable fabric. After filling out the form you will be taken to a secure connection for payment. Please note that your registration is only fully complete upon payment.

After you have fully registered, you will receive a confirmation email with further information regarding the tournament and location.