Are you interested in joining our crew to make this a great tournament?

To make our tournament a success we will need a team of dedicated, hard-working crew members. Our crew will help prepare and clear up the tournament hall, man the score tables, and do whatever else needs doing during the tournament. Without a tournament hall or scorekeepers there is no tournament, so our crewmembers are an essential part of the Dutch Lions Cup team!

If the above applies to you, we’d love to welcome you to our crew!

If you’re more at home making on the spot decisions and judging fights, or if you would like to learn, please click here to find out more.



We are currently going over our previous ruleset to see if everything is still up to date. Once we have finalized all the rules, we will publish them here.


Whether you have zero crew experience or are an absolute expert, we’re happy to welcome you. We’ll be organizing a few trainings leading up to the Dutch Lions Cup, including two practice tournaments! Here, you can work on your crew skills and gain lots of hands-on experience. This way, you can rest assured that you will know exactly what to do by the time the Dutch Lions Cup comes around. If you intend to help out our crew, it is advisable that you are present at as many of these training sessions as possible. They are all organized in Zwaard & Steen's training hall in Nieuwegein or in HVN's training hall in Oegstgeest. The dates are the following:



Training #1 Location TBA

We are currently planning the first traning moment. Most likely this will take place in july.



Training #2 Location TBA

We are currently planning the second traning moment. Most likely this will take place in august.

Staying over

If you're coming from a long way you might want to stay over for one or more nights. We do not provide these facilities ourselves, but to help you along we have made a comprehensive list with suggestions. The Dutch Lions Cup does not offer any discounts or arrange your stay. You must arrange your stay with the accommodation yourself. Do not wait too long! The event takes place during the summer vacation, so it will be busy.

"Dutch Lions Cup 2016 was a great event - experienced judges, professional tournament staff, and some of the best technical longsword fencing I've ever seen. This new event has earned a place on the European tournament circuit."

- Matt Galas (Technical judge)


To show our appreciation, all members of both the crew and the judging team will receive the following:

  • Paid travel expenses
  • Free lunch
  • Free dinner
  • A fantastic learning opportunity that comes with monthly trainings and a chance to work with an experienced, international team
  • Our eternal gratitude!