• My bank has warned me that my payment is made to an untrustworthy account, should I be worried?
  • No, we assure you we take good care of your money ;) This issue has occured a few times because Mollie provides our payment services. Mollie is one of the largest payment processors and it allows us to offer multiple payment options so you can sign up easier. What happens when you pay us through your chosen payment method is that the money goes through Mollie first before being deposited in our bank account. Because Mollie is used a lot there probably have been malicious companies that have been accused of fraud. Somehow, some banks do not register that to the company itself, but through Mollie, since that is who they saw on their bank deposit. So be assured that if you get a warning about your money not getting safely to where it's supposed to go, it is not actually about our bank account. If your bank refuses to proceed with the payment, contact us, and we will provide you with manual payment details.
  • Will there be tournaments for weapons other than longsword?
  • No, we will keep it to open longsword and women's longsword this year.
  • Will there be a separate ladies' longsword competition?
  • Yes! Once again, this edition will have at least 14 places for the ladies's longsword tournament.
  • Is it possible to compete both in the open and ladies longsword?
  • Unfortunately this is not possible due to the tight time schedule we keep during this one day event. Women will have to choose between the open and ladies. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • How do I get to this venue?
  • The venue is in a central location close to Utrecht Central Station, which makes it easily accessible by train from anywhere in the country, including Schiphol Airport. The train between Schiphol and Utrecht runs nearly every fifteen minutes and takes just half an hour. From Utrecht central you can take the bus or tram to a stop nearby the venue after which it’s just a short walk. Plan your trip by public transport through 9292.nl, a website that covers all public transport in The Netherlands (an app is also available).
  • What about sleeping arrangements?
  • Unlike last editions, we do not provide sleeping facilities ourselves, but we have made a comprehensive list of hostels and hotels in the area on our location page.
  • Will there be first aid on site?
  • Yes! We will have a professional first aid team standing by in case anything goes wrong.
  • Is dinner included in the fee?
  • No, dinner is not included in the fee, however, upon registration you can select an on-location dinner for a moderate extra fee.
  • Are spectators welcome and is there an entry fee for spectators?
  • Spectators are more than welcome and do not have to pay any entry fee. If you want to join us for dinner, registration is required.


Please check if your question is not already answered in the F.A.Q. above before sending us a message. We wil try to answer your question as soon as possible.