A longsword competition for everyone

We are Dutch, and Dutch people like ‘gezelligheid’, having a good time with other people. One of the ways in which we love to have fun, is by fighting with longswords. And the more, the merrier! So therefore, you are cordially invited to participate in the Dutch Lions Cup, a longsword tournament that is open to anyone who wishes to enter. Everyone is welcome.

Whether you are in it for the glory, the challenge, or the prizes, we welcome you to come fight and give it your all. In return, we are working hard to offer you a fun and professional tournament, where you will not only be rewarded for winning, but also for demonstrating great technique, sportsmanship, and fast learning as a newcomer. The Dutch Lions Cup is open to everyone, and that means that you will be able to fight people from different countries and skill levels, and meet people from all over the international HEMA community.

We have some more information on the tournament for you, how will you be attending the tournament?

These are some of the brands that make the dutch lions cup possible

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