On 27 August 2016 Zwaard & Steen will organise the Dutch Lions Cup. The Dutch Lions Cup is a HEMA longsword tournament, open to everyone who wishes to compete. DLC will take place in Utrecht, The Netherlands. This website will be regularly updated with more information concerning prizes, sponsors, gear requirements, crew, and more.


We are Dutch, and Dutch people like ‘gezelligheid’, having a good time with other people. One of the ways in which we love to have fun, is by fighting with longswords. And the more, the merrier! So therefore, you are cordially invited to participate in the Dutch Lions Cup, a longsword tournament that is open to anyone who wishes to enter. Everyone is welcome.


Dutch people are fiercely passionate about sports. If you have ever seen Dutch fans cheer our national teams, you will be aware of this. We are putting a lot of effort into organising an awesome event, so you have nothing to worry about except doing what you like best: hitting other people and enjoying yourself. (not necessarily in that order) To be able to do this, we have a crew of over 60 people, including an international judging team, a logistics team, tournament managers, audio/video crew, medical staff, massage therapists and general staff working very hard to make sure you have a great time!


A tournament is hardly a tournament if there are no prizes to be won. Thanks to our lovely sponsors, we are able to offer very nice prizes to the tournament winners. However, we feel that just awarding those who manage to secure first, second and third place is a bit limited. This is why we have decided to include a separate technical award, as well as an award for outstanding sportsmanship and best newcomer. The exact prizes will be announced leading up to the tournament.

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Participating in the Dutch Lions Cup only costs €60!

For this you will get:

  • Entry to the tournament
  • A great venue with 4 arenas and wrestling mats
  • Massage therapists on-site
  • A Dutch Lions patch
  • Possibility to spar against and train with all the participants


You can also register as a crew member or judge if you want to help in the organisation of the event.

If you register as a judge or crew we expect you to join our judging training sessions. After registration you will receive an email with the invitation to the training sessions. As a judge, you will receive the following:

  • No entrance fee
  • Travel costs are paid for
  • Free lunch
  • A special gift
  • 66







    Places left

    This is what you can expect at the Dutch Lions Cup

    Tournament Goal

    Whether you are in it for the glory, the challenge, or the prizes, we welcome you to come fight and give it your all. In return, we are working hard to offer you a new, fun and professional tournament, where you will not only be rewarded for winning, but also for demonstrating great technique, sportsmanship, and fast learning as a newcomer. The Dutch Lions Cup is open to everyone, and that means that you will be able to fight people from different countries and skill levels, and meet people from all over the international HEMA community.


    We fight because we love to fight. To show our strength and skill, to better and prove ourselves, or for any number of other reasons. But of course, when you prove yourself, you should be rewarded. Which obviously means that there are prizes to be won! Not only will there be rewards for the first, second and third places, but anyone from a first-timer at a tournament to a veteran will stand a good chance to win a prize. There will be a newcomer prize, a best sportsmanship prize, and a prize for the best technical fighter. We’re working hard to get prizes you’ll love – perhaps in the form of gear, materials, or something else altogether. Want to know more? Follow our latest newsflashes to stay up to date!

    Judging Team

    With more and more tournaments being hosted these past few years, it is important that we not only train fighters, but also make sure that the tournaments can run smoothly and professionally. At Zwaard & Steen, we started hosting judging training sessions in 2014. This means that we can ensure that the Judges at the Dutch Lions Cup will be experienced and can do their job well. Not only that, but for this occasion we have invited an international team of experienced judges and referees! The ruleset will be clear and simple, and we will also be working with a new, tested and professional scoring system, which we are excited to show you more of in the upcoming months!


    What can you expect from the Dutch Lions Cup? The venue will be properly equipped with anything we need for a great tournament: four arenas, a training and warmup area, and wrestling mats. The poules will be bigger than what you might be used to from other tournaments, so more fights will take place in the poule phase. Also, we will of course have a professional first aid team on site, ready to help when needed. There will be a group of massage therapists for your aching muscles, and some vendors of the best HEMA gear. And of course, there will not only be prizes for first, second and third places, but also for the best technical fighter, best sportsmanship, and best newcomer. So if this is your first tournament, be sure to let us know in your entry form!

    More information

    Using the below icons, you can access pdf files which go into more detail on things like mandatory protection gear, our ruleset and code of conduct and our schedule for DLC 2016.

    We have found a great venue for this event!

    The venue for the event is located in Utrecht, right in the centre of The Netherlands. It is located within easy reach of Utrecht Central Station if you want to travel by train and there is free parking for those of you who travel by car.

    The sports centre is large enough to hold four arenas and still have room left for an area to train, spar and warm up in. There is also an on-site restaurant where you can go and buy some lunch or celebrate your victory with a cold drink.

    Check up on our media regulary to see the latest news

    Ruleset demonstrations

    These people make the Dutch Lions Cup possible:


    We will update our sponsor list regularly!

    St. Mark SPES historical fencing ProGauntlet by CrossGuard The Knight Shop Sword Experts Purple Heart Armoury Neyman Fencing BlueRoses - Massages Zwaard & Volk Regenyei Armory Sparring Gloves King Business Software


    Cor Kronenburg


    Ruud Herrewijnen

    Tournament Manager

    Petra Westveer

    Tournament Manager & Judging Team

    Kim Schaarman

    Judging Team Supervisor

    Sander van Eijk

    Logistics Supervisor

    Elio Tolhoek

    Administration Supervisor

    Wouter Florusse

    Graphics&Design Supervisor

    Manuela Beltrami

    Treasury Supervisor

    Thessa Alders


    Linde Simpson


    Robert Kraaijeveld


    Marijn Goedegebure


    Cindy Boer


    Sandra Belder


    Cem Ates

    Judging Team

    Gerald Nieborg

    Judging Team

    Robin Hoegee

    Judging Team

    Kris Stomphorst

    Judging Team

    Bas van Meel


    Marcos Ariño


    Willeke Snijder

    Marketing & Social Media

    Michel Rensen

    AV Media

    Still got questions? Here are the most frequently asked questions:

    • Will there be other tournaments besides the open longsword?
    • Because this is the first time we will be hosting this event, we will only have an open longsword tournament. However, we intend to host this event again in years to come, and we will probably include tournaments for different weapons in those instances of the Dutch Lions Cup!
    • Will there be a separate ladies' longsword competition?
    • Yes! Enough ladies have signed up, so the ladies' longsword is a go!
    • How do I get to this venue?
    • The venue is in a central location right by Utrecht Central Station, which makes it easily accessible by train from anywhere in the country, including Schiphol Airport. The train between Schiphol and Utrecht runs nearly every fifteen minutes and takes just half an hour.
    • What about sleeping arrangements?
    • We are currently still looking at hotels/hostels near our venue. We will update this website and our social media channels when we think we have found a solution!
    • Will there be first aid on site?
    • Yes! We will have a professional first aid team standing by in case anything goes wrong.
    • Are spectators welcome and is there an entry fee for spectators?
    • Spectators are more than welcome and do not have to pay any entry fee. It is only required that they report themselves at the entrance to the venue.
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